Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Merry Christmas!

OK, so I didn't get the cards done this year. I'm a little, uh, late. Hey -- if we were multicultural (or at least if some of us were tanned) and we weren't standing in front of the ginormous Christian symbol, I would wish you a happy MLK Day, a day late! Which I do anyway.

It's a nice picture of our family anyway, isn't it? We had the photographer son-in-law take it when we were in Florida (in the lobby of Disney's Vero Beach Resort) shortly after New Year's Day.

Photo notes: The young lovers in the middle got engaged on Christmas Eve. They're quite attractive, don't you think? And there's Emily's boyfriend in the yellow shirt. Isn't he handsome? They had to stand me on a high step so I wouldn't disappear completely. What can I say? I gave birth to these tall, Germanic children. The Reich would have been proud of me. But one day, one day, a recessive gene and poof! One of my grandchildren or a stray third cousin twice removed will be, like me, short and sunburnable. In the meantime, I have 3-year-old grandboys who look old enough to be in kindergarten, am dwarfed by everyone in my family and get the 30 sunscreen all to myself. It is a tad intimidating to scold with an index finger shaken to, uh, a belt buckle. Oh, well.

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