Monday, December 14, 2009

Because I should

Surprise! I'm back! I'm posting again on my blog before year's end because a.) I can and b.) I'm tying up loose ends today.

Those of you who know me know I've been a work-widow for six weeks and counting. My husband and I have never been away from each other longer than four or five days in 32 years. This is not my idea of marriage, but you go where the work takes you.

So, what does one do when one is abandoned for the almighty dollar and left to her own devices? She learns to be self-sufficient. Not that I'm not already; just about anything he can do I can do better (said with bravado). Not really. But I've discovered I can start the snowblower and brave the blizzard to clear the driveway and get my car out of the garage ALL BY MYSELF. But I don't like to. I've also discovered how to take out the garbage AND bring back the cans and the recycling bins ALL BY MYSELF. But that's not fun, either. Most of all, I've discovered that I can handle the husband's business paperwork like a charm. I've even found that the more I know, the less I stress about it because I'm not seeing piles of paper on every surface of the house, I'm not listening to the boss whining about how far behind he is, and I have better eyesight, finger dexterity and paper skills than he does. So if he can handle the verbal customer service, I can handle the on-paper variety. Plus I'm getting pretty good at Quickbooks. So the old dog can, indeed, learn new tricks. Even brag about them a little.

What else does she learn? Well, here's what I'm not going to like if I'm widowed permanently someday: I don't like eating dinner alone, but I'm OK with drinking alone (which leads to early bedtime). I can't reach the stuff on the top shelf without a chair. I can't decide whether that funny noise the furnace is making is worth worrying about. And a good backrub is priceless, as is someone who laughs at my jokes and hangs on my every word. I even miss his snoring. There's a certain security in hearing that sound, even though it keeps me awake sometimes. I know I'll eat my words here, but I sorta miss it.

So the house rather echoes these days, and I've turned into a quite-slobby old lady with a cat. Don't worry. My old self will return before Christmas, as will my other half, I hope.