Thursday, May 24, 2007

'Fessin' up

Here are a number of things about which I could be embarrassed in person, but to which, here in Blogland, I can just admit:

1. I am addicted to "American Idol."
2. I love White Castle hamburgers, even though those little cardboard boxes that they put them in actually taste better than the burgers themselves.
3. For me, "Days of Our Lives" is a guilty pleasure.
4. Wine has made me fat.
5. I have actually thought about cosmetic surgery. Never done it, mind you, but I'm getting a chicken neck, and it actually bugs me. Maybe I'm listening to FM107 too much. All those self-help gurus, dermatologists, designers and fashionistas are starting to sound rational.
6. I hate every second of working out, even though I make myself do it. Where is this endorphin rush that people talk about? Where is the tightening flesh, the rosy glow? It just makes me sweaty and gives me gas pains. Sigh.

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