Tuesday, August 5, 2008

My 'basket' list

I see that actor Morgan Freeman, one of my favorites, had a serious auto accident yesterday. So here, with every good wish that he recovers from his injuries and in the theme of one of my favorite Freeman movies, "The Bucket List," is my Top 20 things I intend to do one day, in no particular order:

1.) Drink really good Irish ale in an Irish pub, in Ireland.
2.) Eat a meal in Tuscany.
3.) Publish a book of my poems.
4.) Go to my grandkids' grade-school "spring sings."
5.) Go downhill skiing again (I haven't since Nicole was born), as it was the only sport that didn't embarrass me.
6.) Dip my toes in the Pacific Ocean; closest I ever got was being sprayed by its mist on a foggy cruise of San Francisco Bay.
7.) Run a 5K. Really, I would. I just don't know if I could.
8.) Learn to back up while towing a trailer.
9.) While I'm at it, learn to back up using rear-view mirrors.
10.) Dock the boat all by myself.
11.) Learn to take good pictures that don't cut off heads.
12.) Learn to play bridge or chess or some other mentally challenging game. Best I can do is 500 and cribbage, neither of which I can even remember how to play anymore.
13.) Make pasta from scratch.
14.) Continuing the food-preparation theme, I'd like to bake a pie with a lattice crust. They're so pretty, but I've never tried it.
15.) Put my boxes of photos in some kind of order in albums before I forget who's pictured.
16.) Make a quilt.
17.) See the Grand Canyon.
18.) See Mount Rushmore.
19.) Ride a bike or walk to my office at least once. It's 9.1 miles. I clocked it yesterday, and I can do this.
20.) Lose 20 pounds before Nate gets married.
21.) Just for good measure (you've heard of a baker's dozen, haven't you?), learn to play the piano.

Instead of calling this a "bucket" list, I think it should be called a "basket" list. As in handbasket. Because that's probably where I'll end up at the rate I'm going.

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