Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My kind of nerds

OK, if I were ever going to be a revolutionary, I'd join these guys, profiled in the May 21 Chicago Tribune:
Jeff Deck and Benjamin Herson have not wasted their lives.They fight a losing battle, an unyielding tide of misplaced apostrophes and poor spelling. But still, they fight. Why, you ask. Because, they say. Because, they must.


Emilie said...

OMG ... I know exactly how those guys feel! And you know what's so frustrating to me, just from reading the article? It's the fact that no one else seems to notice these (what seem to me) giant mistakes! Much less care about them. I mean, are people who notice missing apostrophes and mispelled Milwaukees THAT rare?

I think I might post this on my blog, too.

Pants said...

I read that! I read that article the same day that I saw an ad in a magazine for the new 'Scarlet' line of TVs by LG.

The byline reads like this:


I gasped. I choked. I made screechy noises. I had no idea that TV was coming up with a new series ALL ON ITS OWN!! GO TV! YOU HAVE BEEN PERSONIFIED!

Seriously. In a national ad campaign. It's not just confined to print - it's also a TV commercial.

John blames it on the font used in the design. I say screw the font; if it creates bad punctuation it's clearly a crappy font.

Ugh. But I LOVED that article!

Christina said...


I found your blog on Emilie's and, WOW, what a delight to read! You are an excellent, natural writer and your posts burst with good humor.

(I used to work with Emilie at The Catholic Spirit. Now I freelance here in the Twin Cities. You can reach me, if you like, at: c_capecchi@yahoo.com)

At any rate, thanks for providing for such enjoyable reading this afternoon. I needed to procrastinate my deadline somehow; this was the perfect way!

Christina Capecchi