Tuesday, March 4, 2008

What's for dinner?

A friend recently bemoaned the fact that when she eats crappy she feels crappy, too. Likewise. Garbage in ... . Anyway. It's the time of year when food utterly bores me unless it contains alcohol and grapes. So if you have any bright ideas for dinner, I'm all ears.

This is on the menu at our house the rest of this week:

-- Pork tenderloin, baked sweet potatoes, fresh spinach-red onion-craisins in balsamic vinaigrette

-- Whole wheat ziti with turkey meatballs in souped-up store-bought marinara sauce and some kind of salad

-- Nicole's great pot roast if I can ever thaw the danged thing in advance. She browns the roast, then braises at 300 degrees for about four hours in a sauce made of 8 oz. Coke Classic (with the sugar!), a can of cream of celery soup and a 1/2 envelope of dry onion soup mix (like Lipton). Weird but absolutely fabuloso. Throw into the roasting/braising pan your peeled tates and carrots and voila! Perfect pot roast!

-- A Lenten meat-free dinner on Friday: grilled cheese, tomato, avocado and red onion sandwiches and Campbell's fancy soup in a box. I like the tomato-basil kind myself, but they also make a great butternut squash soup, too. Comfort-o-rama.

I love to cook, but at this time of year it's nice to keep the grocery list at a minimum. Money's tight and it's too danged cold to be lugging bags and bags of groceries across the windy parking lot at Rainbow. Besides, if I slip, I'll break a hip or something and miss the gardening season.

Speaking of gardening, it's seed catalog time! Spring can't be far behind!


Anonymous said...

So, can we join you for dinner(s) this week? :)

We had the potroast tonight -- delish. Just what everyone wanted on this long, cold day.


Madwoman of Preserve Path said...

Well, I already strayed from the menu and made split pea soup in my new (thankyewverymuch) crock pot this morning. I'll send the leftovers home if you like ...