Tuesday, August 28, 2007

If I had money I'd be as annoying as Martha Stewart

I'm all about preventative medicine. I've always been good about scheduling an annual physical, getting regular oil changes, replacing batteries on smoke detectors and writing new addresses in my address book. I balance the family checkbook to the penny. I look up words I don't know in a dictionary rather than just figuring a reader will understand my phonetics. I sew on buttons rather than throwing shirts away. If they didn't make so much noise, I'd still have cleats put on my shoes.

There's a certain sense of peace -- and some might say it's because I'm a control freak -- that I get when chaos doesn't reign. I love crawling into a neatly made bed and never searching for lost keys and glasses. But am I wasting my energy? With the time it takes to keep track of my life, I could be throwing a kick-ass party.

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