Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Baby, oh baby!

So how was my Mother's Day, you ask?

"Why, thank you," I reply. "It was lovely. My son's girlfriend (and her mother -- thanks, Lori) prepared a delicious brunch before we headed to college commencement ceremonies for our youngest child (hip-hip-hooray for the end of tuition payments!). Ceremonies were the usual -- very nice with the requisite amount of boredom so we could chat with our guests. Afterwards we enjoyed a nice get-together with the graduate at Grandma's, the Duluth saloon where we had dinner the night we began this college journey. Good margaritas. Way good."

And then what?

"Well, then I drove my mother back to her home in Virginia."

And then?

"The phone rang. It was Mike with fabulous news: Amy and Kurt are pregnant! Amy is a best-loved niece, and Kurt is her best-loved spouse. They've been married awhile and wanting a baby in the worst way. So in November, we shall have another little grandniece or grandnephew to smother in kisses. I'm so excited that I'm planning a yarn-shop run tonight and digging out the crochet needle. Might as well get going on the baby blanket!"

So it really WAS a Mother's Day, wasn't it?

"It WAS! Whoever thought up that holiday did a bang-up job. I really like Mother's Day."

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