Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Spring has sprung, the grass is riz ...

I wonder where the birdies is. With the 4-7 inches of snow in the forecast (I'll believe it when I see it), it's tough to think spring. Although Easter was a lovely one: 40-ish but bright and sunny. The robins were trilling and tulips began sprouting a bit in the warm sun. I'm sure they wondered, "Is it safe to come up yet?" By later today, they'll be sorry.

Speaking of Easter, we had the most fabulous Easter dinner with our friends the Haselmans, parents of our son's longtime girlfriend, Sara. Sara's mother, Lori, is a terrific cook, making me understand completely why our son hardly ever eats at his own house. (I've offered to pay her for his board, but she refuses. Now if I could just get her to cater my family gatherings, I'd have it made.) For Easter dinner, she even smoked her own ham and dyed Easter eggs employing a unique dye-transfer process -- she used men's silk ties. I am not kidding about this. The ham was amazing, and the eggs looked, well, luminous and totally unlike my Everyday Easter Eggs colored with the Paas tablets and vinegar. I actually spent time gazing at these eggs. I didn't think we should eat them. They were artworks. And Lori is much nicer, prettier and friendlier than Martha Stewart. Entertaining is a real skill, you know? How she makes it look so effortless, I'll never know. I'm usually answering the doorbell while I'm searching for my underwear.

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