Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Nothin' wakes you up like a little vomiting

G'day, erpwretch. It's a lovely day on Preserve Path. Woke up this morning to little William, 2, puking up his breakfast. There's nothing like a little morning vomit to set the tone for the day. All day long, when you feel an odd twinge in the gut, you think: am I gonna get it too? Or, when you stand up too quickly and give yourself a quick case of the whirlies you wonder, am I gonna get it? I think I'd better go lie down for a bit ... .

Drinking from the antihypochondrial side, we have rain, blessed rain, today! It's a nice, slow, steady drip that'll make the flowers just jump out of the ground. We've had such a drought for the past several months that any humidity seems like a gift. I can finally stop itching now, if only I didn't feel so queasy.

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